SIEGE Magazine Launch – A New Platform For Emerging Artists

  • Manchester School of Art student creates a magazine which is ready to launch this Thursday, representing artists from across the globe as well as those emerging in Manchester.


  • The compendium aims to challenge typical art education and promote inclusivity; celebrating the number of creatives we have in society rather than deploy them.

‘SIEGE’ Magazine is the vision of George Brown, a graphic design student at The Manchester School of Art who wants to share his notion that more is better when it comes to creative minds.

The compendium spins a web of creatives, linking artists together through their admiration for each other’s work and promoting unity in a field which often lacks harmony.

“I wanted to make a magazine where anyone features recommends a friend.” George explained what to expect when we open the first edition of SIEGE: “Someone’s work might be spectacular and they have to recommend someone else. Someone’s might not be so spectacular but still they continue to recommend someone else.”

Despite being based in Manchester, SIEGE has also attracted attention from international artists which has set strong foundations for SEIGE before the first issue has even be released.

“Initially it was just to start in Manchester but it kind of went mad, I had 150 submissions from four different continents.” George Brown, described the momentum of creating the publication: “I’ve got people from New Orleans, Millan and Berlin. It’s crazy – I’m going to be shipping worldwide!”

Possibly the most admiral aspect of this publication, is the dedication and exertion from George who solely funded and created the magazine himself as well as assembling a launch event to celebrate SIEGE’s first issue.

The launch will be held at the CASS ART STORE, in Northern Quarter on Thursday the 22nd March, 4pm – 7pm. 

SIEGE invites creatives and art lovers everywhere to take a look at the first issue along with free beer and music.
An after party will also be kicking off from 7pm at the Eastern Blocc on Stevenson Square.