School of Art degree show opens 12 day run at MMU

  • Show features pieces from graduating Arts students
  • These include visual art, films, interior design and animation
  • Show opens to the public on Saturday 8th and runs until Wednesday 19th of June

The MMU Art School degree show opened its exhibitions today at the Benzie Building.

The exhibition, which opens to the public from tomorrow, features pieces by graduating students from many disciplines including filmmaking, interior design and architechture.

The tagline for the show is ‘Everything starts from something’, and you can view the exhibition from 10am-6pm during the week and 10am-4pm at weekends during its run.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is an installation Imogen (Millie) Ellerby Sansom called Clandestine. The piece is a huge pair of shoes with trousers several storeys high suspended above them.

Degree show at MMU
This photo of ‘Clandestine’ was taken from the second floor, the top of the legs are about in-line with the third floor!

In explaining her piece, Imogen said: “My practice has always explored ideas of impactful social change, but recently I have been investigating the power balances between us, as citizens, and political or corporate ‘giants’.”

The animation category has an interesting mix of techniques, as the three students whose work are featured have made animations with 2D sketching, cartoonish animation (think adult cartoons like the Simpsons or Rick and Morty) and 3D CGI animation respectively.

For something less abstract and more practical you can view the Architechture submissions where the students have used their medium to propose town planning methods or new building designs. Interior design follows a similar principle, but on a smaller, inside scale.

The photography submissions seem linked by their ability to capture emotion of their subjects, portraits of people performing activities. The graphic design submissions mostly intend to evoke emotion through advertising and you may well see these techniques used in large advertising campaigns in the future.

MMU Degree show
There are many different disciplines of artwork on show

There’s plenty more to see from very talented students with their fingers on the pulse of their arts scenes and it’s well worth your time for a visit!