Record breaking weather: Could today be Manchester’s hottest ever?

  • UK baking in unprecedented warm weather today
  • Met office issue yellow weather warning for thunderstorms
  • How to keep cool

Parts of the UK are likely to see their hottest recorded temperatures today, with parts of greater London forecast to hit 39 degrees celsius.

In Manchester, it won’t be quite as stifling, yet forecasts expect temperatures to hit 33 degrees here.

Manchester’s hottest temperature on record was 33.7 degrees celsius in August 1976, which might be toppled today. The hottest July day in the city was in 1990 when it hit 32.2 celsius, it’s likely that record will be broken today.

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An untrained eye might see those figures and dismiss climate change, but it’s averge weather, not weather extremes that should be taken note of, and the number of days around 30 celsius per year in Manchester has increased.

When the weather hits its hottest this afternoon, though, there will be another force of nature to contend with as a thunderstorm is expected to break over the city, so it may be best to stay indoors.

Until then, make sure to keep yourself hydrated, wear looser clothing and open two windows to a room to create an airflow – these measures will help to prevent heat exhaustion.

I’d say enjoy the sun, but on days like today when the weather is bonkers, it’s hard not to become very worried about global warming…