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Mental illness

Amy Mizrahi, Artist, Illustrator, Manchester, Liverpool, SLOE gallery
27th Apr
Amy Mizrahi is a Manchester based artist with a background in both fine art and illustration, as well as social science. Within her work, she...
27th Apr
A charity in Ancoats is helping people in recovery and rehabilitation get back on their feet through catering projects. The Launchpad programme at...
29th Sep
New research by Canada Life Insurance has revealed that almost a fifth people (18%) have gone to work while feeling mentally unwell. This suggests...
retail workers swamped with worK
12th Dec
With the Christmas period in full swing and retail stores at the busiest, take a moment to think about the mental health of sop assistants and the...
Campaign logo
12th Dec
#OneStepCampaign is a student-run campaign to raise awareness and bring more effective professional treatment and care to students affected by mental...
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