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News Live from Manchester
What is Mock Cop26
20th Oct
A Man Met Mock COP26 event gave students the opportunity to play the roles of members of the government, global activists and economists.
Carol Ann Whitehead (Pankhurst Centre Ambassador) and Roger Bamkin (Co-founder of Wiki Women in Red) Credit: Zebra Partnership
15th Oct
Feminist activists united in a global 24 hour edit-a-thon on Ada Lovelace Day to combat what they say is a content gender gap on Wikipedia.
Future Fashion Fair showcased sustainable brands at The Yard, Bent Street
20th Oct
A new sustainable fashion initiative showcasing the city's slow fashion movement has received backing from the council.
Andy Burnham Mayor Manchester Covid Policing Covid-19
13th Oct
Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says recovery in the region will take time but is looking to “level up coming out of the pandemic”.
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