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Bolshi at the Eagle Inn
22nd Jul
A review into Manchester's music scene has revealed music tourism contributes more than £169m to the city's economy each year. Last summer, UK Music...
Qantas flight
11th Jul
After two months of glorious sunshine last year, it seems summer might have given us a miss in Manchester this time around, so you wouldn't be blamed...
Common cold virus
19th Jun
To save my colleagues from a similar fate, I have bravely elected not to go to work today as I am at home suffering with a cold. It's unusual for...
Rain stock photo
17th Jun
We've seen one of the wettest and most dismal Junes in Manchester. So while many of you may not want to go out while the heavens are open, here are...
14th Jun
Today marks the two year anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire which tragically took the lives of 72 people and displaced multiple families out...
MMU Art School Degree Show
7th Jun
The MMU Art School degree show opened its exhibitions today at the Benzie Building. The exhibition, which opens to the public from tomorrow,...
Eid illustration
4th Jun
Eid Al-Fitr will be celebrated today and tomorrow to mark the end of Ramadan in the Muslim calendar. The festival is often celebrated with a feast...
26th Apr
With more than 100m women worldwide taking the leading method of birth control it is evidently a popular choice, but how much do we really know...
St George Cross
23rd Apr
While most news websites in England might give you an English person's take on St Patrick's Day, this one will give you an Irishman's take on St...
Painted Easter eggs
21st Apr
On Good Friday, I wrote about the Christian festival of Easter, but celebrating this time of year in this way comes from a long time before...


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