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Cake and Bake Show
13th Nov
Last Thursday, 10 November, I attended the Cake and Bake Show in Event City, which promised to be a huge event. It definitely lived up to ...
The logo for the Manchester literal festival, Louder than words
12th Nov
When I first heard about louder than words, I didn’t expect the event to be quite as big. Created by Dr Jill Adam, the festival has hit...
Japanese Festival
8th Nov
Manchester and Japanese culture do not immediately spring to mind as a pairing but since 2011 the city has hosted ‘Doki Doki – The...
Lots of bikes chained up
21st Oct
Students who cycle into the Geoffrey Manton building are taking grievances with the lack of places to chain their bikes.  The...
National Coming Out Day
14th Oct
Now in its 28th year, The NQ took to the streets and interviewed local Manchester students what National Coming Out Day really means to them. Tilda...
Police van in the sunset
8th Oct
With approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men raped and nearly 500,000 adults being sexually assaulted per year in England and Wales, it's all...
Kadeena Cox Smiling
30th Sep
Kadeena, a MMU Sports student and the first Brit since Isabel Barr in the 1984 Summer Paralympics to win gold medals in two different sports (the T38...
cannabis, ron hogg, legalise drugs, durham police
26th Jul
It may sound like an oxymoron to hear of a police commissioner in favour of the decriminalisation of drugs but for Durham’s Ron Hogg, nothing...
Exercise Triton, emergency services, disaster exercise,manchester
19th Jul
With Dove Stone reservoir collapsing following a sinkhole breach, GMP, along with the Environmental Agency and United Utilities, invited MMU...
Peter Mandelson
7th Jul
When I started my Masters course in Multimedia Journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met) last September, I had dreams of...


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