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Manchester Irish Festival
14th Mar
This Sunday is St Patrick's Day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig), the national day of the patron saint of Ireland. The festival is celebrated not just in Ireland...
19th Feb
“I’ve been to the hospital five times over the past two years with immense abdominal pain that spreads to my lower back and has made me faint or...
23rd Jan
The 2019 recruitment campaign for the British army was universally panned by soldiers and critics who suggested its angle would be ineffective due to...
Trevi fountain
18th Jan
The British public are more than tired of hearing about Brexit, but spare a thought for journalists like myself who must hear, research and discuss...
HS2 route into Piccadilly
5th Jan
Who really knows how, when and if the HS2 high-speed train network will be built, but proposed plans include a 12km long tunnel under Manchester that...
A wall with various different cpas hanging from it
3rd Jan
1. Cow One of the more established vintage stores in England, with shops dotted around the country, the Manchester shop is a staple go-to location...
Tram at Deansgate
2nd Jan
Manchester is set to change its Metrolink system so that it has a London-style zonal method of pricing tickets. Whether this is a good or bad thing...
New year's day fireworks 2019
1st Jan
Yesterday we gave you a look back over 2018 with our quiz of the year. Today we will look forward to what will come up in 2019. Take note, it might...
Manchester Arena
1st Jan
It's a bit of a depressing way to start 2019 but it could not really go without mentioning. On May 22nd, 2017 as fans were leaving the Manchester...
NYE fireworks. Credit: Jason M.C., Han
31st Dec
2018 has been full of action with a World Cup and Winter Olympics, plenty of controversy surrounding Donald Trump and the neverending squabbles over...


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