Extinction Rebellion protestors block of Deansgate road to highlight climate emergency

  • Deansgate road blocked off in city centre
  • This comes after record-breaking temperatures across the World this summer
  • Anti-prorogation protest planned for tomorrow as well

Climate change activists, Extinction Rebellion, have blocked off the Deansgate road in the city centre.

The blockade is part of a 4-day-long protest against climate change and government inactivity on the matter.

There will be a number of speakers; politicians, climate science experts and activists, over the weekend as well as performances from bands and street music the whole time.

Planet before Profit XR
There were many odd items being used for placards along Deansgate

Angry commuters have decried the protestors for inconveniencing their journeys, but many more people have given their support to the movement, saying drastic action is vital.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in Manchester said: “We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best in a toxic system.”

The hay bales and most of the blockades were transported into place by bicycle, rather than car, to promote the use of sustainable transport.

This protest comes after news of forest fires in the Amazon reportedly started by Brazil’s Bolsonaro regime, record temperatures across the UK in the summer and activist Greta Thunburg sailing to the USA for a climate conference.

Banners like this can be seen all along Deansgate, and will be there for the whole weekend

Protests will be ramped up tomorrow as people will take to the streets in Manchester to display their outrage at Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament, which would effectively give parliament no time to stop a no-deal Brexit.