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Guy Pearce in Memento
22nd Dec
Memento is known as the film filmed backwards. Many people see this as a gimmick. But unlike films that employ a different technique just to stand...
2001: A Space Odyssey
21st Dec
Can anyone doubt that Stanley Kubrick was a master of cinema if they have watched 2001? Not only is it visually sublime, but its composition of...
A Clockwork Orange
20th Dec
A Clockwork Orange was and still is one of the most controversial films ever released. One of the main impacts the film had, much to Kubrick's...
Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
19th Dec
I did not like Blade Runner the first time I saw it, because I didn't get it, and couldn't stand its slow pace. Once I knew the vague outlines of...
Jonathan Pryce in Brazil
18th Dec
In 1984, George Orwell protrayed a police state that controlled its citizens every move and thought, and imprisoned those it couldn't. In Brazil,...
Balrog and Gandalf
17th Dec
Nowadays, with all the money in subsciption based content producers, long-running TV series with high production values are ten-a-penny. This is...
The cast of Only Lovers Left Alive
16th Dec
Jim Jarmusch describes his filmmaking method as rather like that of a music composer. With this film, I can understand what he means. The music,...
Nicole Kidman in the Others
15th Dec
When I tackled horror before, I went for suspense, ie there's something scary and we don't know where it is. Psychological thrillers take on many of...
Scene from Cloud Atlas
14th Dec
The characters in Could Atlas spend a lot of the runtime discussing their philosophies on things important to them in their timelines. This gives...
Battersea power station in Children of Men
13th Dec
Paranoid fiction explores the subjective nature of reality and how it can be manipulated by the forces of power. Most conspiracy films will fall...


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