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Nicole Kidman in the Others
15th Dec
When I tackled horror before, I went for suspense, ie there's something scary and we don't know where it is. Psychological thrillers take on many of...
Scene from Cloud Atlas
14th Dec
The characters in Could Atlas spend a lot of the runtime discussing their philosophies on things important to them in their timelines. This gives...
Battersea power station in Children of Men
13th Dec
Paranoid fiction explores the subjective nature of reality and how it can be manipulated by the forces of power. Most conspiracy films will fall...
Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in Se7en
12th Dec
Mysteries usually answer one or more of three questions - who did it, how it was done or why it was done. Most murder mysteries answer one or all of...
Brendan Gleeson in the Guard
11th Dec
I talked about how Martin McDonagh made In Bruges very silly, yet bitingly real at the same time. His brother, John Michael McDonagh did the exact...
Scene from Stalker
10th Dec
Magical Realism is a little known genre in which the film has magical elements but these are treated as mundane and normal in the environment. Close...
Darlek's in media city
9th Dec
This weekend saw Media City and Salford Quay taken over by a group of Daleks. Their cries of 'Exterminate' can be heard along the...
John Hurt in Alien
9th Dec
When I was a child, pretty much all films scared me and I certainly could not deal with horror. Now, as an adult, I'm a horror fan and very few films...
Bar scene in Inglourious Basterds
8th Dec
Yesterday I wrote about the harrowing and mostly true account, Schindler's List. Today I'm writing about a film set in the same period that does the...
fat freddy's drop, manchester academy, live, gig
7th Dec
It’s been a highly anticipated twelve month wait for our reggae fathers. So the frenzy surrounding Fat Freddy’s Drop in Manchester was potent on the...


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