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Exclusive interview with Victors… the Leeds band you will soon get to know well

·        Northern Quota was lucky enough to witness Victors at the MMU Student Union

·        Last day of their UK tour

·        We bagged an exclusive interview with lead singer Harry Waterhouse


Victors are a four-piece alternative pop band from Leeds who set up in 2015. 

Their music has already exploded within Leeds when they got the chance to support indie/folk band The Pierce Brothers at London’s 02 Academy.

After performing their last gig touring around the UK, they are aiming to stretch their musical horizons to the US.

The band consists of Harry Waterhouse - main vocalist, Simon Appleson- guitarist/synthesizer, and Dominic Brooks on the bass.

They have released two EPs so far, Turn Out The Lights and Wish You Were Her, both of which are proving to be really popular with their ever-growing online fan base. Their music has had over 1m streams through Spotify and iTunes.

Their music is so popular that the established YouTube channel Indie Air is already showcasing two of their songs, which combined have close to 400,000 views. This tops a lot of other more well established and bigger music names such as Dermot Kennedy.


band poster
Official Victors Poster of the Coffee House Tour


It was a pleasure for MMU to accept this soon to be colossal Northern Band, and Harry kindly offered up a quick interview at the end of their set.

Northern Quota: Harry it is such a pleasure for us to have you here! Your band gave a flawless performance just then, well done. Can I ask you how long you have been singing for?

Harry: Personally, I have been singing all my life… but if we don’t class in shower as singing then since I was about 13 or 14, I first started performing in my school showing everyone I could sing. My school group was called the Bamboo Sandals (laughs) then I started taking off when I created Victors.

NQ: How did the band start?

Harry: Well, I met Simon the guitarist around four years ago, our music relationship grew and became stronger then Alex came along, however we were still missing a bass player who could fit in well with the group. After trying many different bass players, Dominic showed up through an advert and here we are!

NQ: Objectives for the near future?

Harry: This is a little coffee house tour and usually we have much bigger set ups with a full drum kit and the whole works, but with this we had to strip it back and mellow it out slightly. It is a nice change from the norm though! We want to keep building our fan base, book out more gigs and tours, and also considering going over to America as most of our listeners on Spotify are from there; that would be our biggest aim so far to get to America.

NQ: Excellent, well we will make sure to follow you all the way. And, who motivates you as a band?

Harry: Lyrically at the minute I am massively into Frank Ocean! He is just brilliant. We also want to be a bit cleverer with how we write our songs and compose our music, we link in well with all the topics that he sings about.  

NQ: Last question, you guys were established in Leeds?

Harry: Yes, that’s right we were made there and based there! I am from Leeds myself and our manager Lindsey Foley is also studying her masters at Leeds Trinity University, so we have very strong links with the city! However, we play everywhere after this interview and when we get packed away we are off to Liverpool for our final day of the tour. It’s been really exciting to say the least. Thank you for approaching us by the way.

NQ: Well thank you so much on the behalf of everyone at Northern Quota and MMU, we wish you all the success you deserve and more!

Harry: (laughs) No problem, the pleasure is all ours.

The band performing in MMU         Image credit: Aaron Sabate

After watching Victors live, we can only begin to imagine what is instore for this humble and down to earth Leeds band. Already we have our favourite tracks which are playing pretty much non-stop in the background now, the likes of: Holding on and Tonight, but our super favourite so far is Slow Down. The catchy melodies and riffs in each song accompany well with Harry’s powerful yet soothing vocals.

Our verdict… they can compare with the 1975 but their strong personality and uniqueness, which they carry around on and off the stage, makes them stand out from everyone else on the scene.

If you want to know more about the band and tour dates etc you can do so on Instagram: @victorsofficialuk  and on Facebook: Victorsofficial

victors instagram
The band in relaxed mode



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