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The Power of Poetry Campaign is launching today; promoting the benefits of using Poetry as a therapy to tackle many emotional and psychological troubles

·         NQ begins brand new campaign #thepowerofpoetry to showcase the soothing effects of poetry when used as a therapy

·         The campaign which is led by Chief Reporter Aaron Sabate aims to encourage people to give poetry therapy a go

·         In the article we also take a quick look at how poetry therapy works

Poetry is everywhere around us; from the music we listen to, the fine books we read, advertisements, films and of course poetry books themselves. We are totally surrounded by the delicate literary art form yet many of us fail to notice the potential healing effects it carries.

In an age where stress is the norm and medicine prescribed for all ailments, be it physical or mental we tend to overlook methods of therapy such as poetry therapy, this is why Northern Quota is taking up #thepowerofpoetry campaign to shine a light on how poetry can help us overcome many obstacles in life.

One of the great things about poetry therapy is that if one doesn’t want to voice their thoughts/feelings to the therapist they can still get them across through writing, this type of therapy works well for people who find regular talking therapy daunting and unapproachable.

Writing poetry can evoke many unvoiced feelings, releasing much needed to be released tension and slowly it can give the practitioner more clarity over their situation.

 Tailored poems are picked for the individual according to their necessity; i.e. if a patient has depression a certain style of poetry would be more beneficial to them.

In general, poetry therapy although a growing technique used by more and more psychotherapists and other professionals, it still has a lot of growth to do until more of the general public view it as another option available for them.

We invite you to take a look at in there you will be able to find much more information regarding the use of poetry therapy and read through some amazing testimonials.

Furthermore, you can follow our social media accounts; Facebook and Twitter searching the handle: thepowerofpoetry

And, who knows poetry may well be the answer you have been looking for.



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