Vince Hunt

27th November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Impressive cup win for Man Met futsal in Matchday Live debut livestream

Man Met 12 UA92 5 Man Met Futsal notched an impressive cup win in Sunday morning’s Northern Conference Cup first round encounter with UA92. With...

23rd November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

World Cup legends are made: Saudi Arabia 2-1 Argentina

By Jack Merry, Louise Graham, Sophie Wickes 51st ranked Saudi Arabia beat tournament favourites Argentina yesterday. The result shocked the world with all the pre-game...

23rd November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

FIFA and Qatar left dizzy after so many U turns – twelve years of promises thrown away less than two days into the tournament.

By Ed Tucker, Kane Horrocks and Vikram Jajuha An alcohol ban and detainments for wearing rainbow clothes have left FIFA struggling to make more excuses...

22nd November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Injured rugby player Katie is OK, says coach

Katie Mellor, the MMU womens’ rugby player injured in last week’s match at Platt Lane, is not seriously injured, her coach Adrian Moffatt said this...

16th November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

The whole world is watching… favourite World Cup moments by Sports Journalism students

The World Cup is one to always have iconic moments, and recent years are no different. But which memories live with MMU Sports Journalism students...

11th November 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Cheerleaders add their voices – and pompoms – to MMU Rugby action and Matchday Live

Any spectator watching from the touchlines at Platt Lane knows that rugby is a physically demanding, aggressive sport and that the will to win is...

23rd October 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Gallery: Action from the basketball with Man Met Matchday Live photographer Yasmin Lucia Masquerenhas

Scenes from Wednesday night’s action from both MMU Basketball Women’s and Men’s games by Man Met Matchday Live photographer Yasmin Lucia Masquerenhas. Gallery: Yasmin Lucia...

23rd October 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Basketball Matchday Live double-header – both games here in full

Man Met Matchday Live's first basketball double-header featured commentary debuts from Sport Journalism students and strong performances on the court by both our Men's and Women's teams.

20th October 2022 | By Vince Hunt

Carr and Coward get two each as Man Met hit Chester for six


7th October 2021 | By Vince Hunt

Opening win for Man Met basketball team in BUCS season start

Man Met Uni began their BUCS Premier League North season with a confident 88-70 win at home to a strong and accomplished Northumbria side. The...