Valentine Fourreau


27th October 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

Manchester ethnomusicology student launches first-ever study bringing together music and migration

An ethnomusicologist from the University of Manchester has launched a study in an attempt to challenge the idea of ‘world music’.   Masters student Marion...


24th October 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

Hundreds attend anti-tier 3 rally in Manchester in protest against government-imposed restrictions

More than 100 people gathered in the rain today to protest the government’s imposition of tier 3 restrictions in Manchester. Despite local authorities’ best efforts,...


17th October 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

Climate Emergency Manchester need your help to bring cleaner air to Manchester

Climate Emergency Manchester has launched a petition calling on the city council to establish a dedicated panel of councillors looking at climate issues.   The group...


7th October 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

‘You won’t serve us, so we won’t serve you’: the Manchester bar chain which has banned MPs because of the 10pm curfew

A Manchester bar is refusing to serve MPs in response to the government’s 10pm curfew. The measure, which was criticised after its first weekend by...


28th September 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

The government’s new 10pm curfew could cost the Northern Quarter some of its favourite venues – and dozens of jobs

The government’s new 10pm curfew is putting dozens of jobs at risk in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as late-night venues are being disproportionately hit, say bar...