Sophie Cook


13th December 2019 | By Sophie Cook

Angry allotment holders challenge council’s plans to allow building on green land

Allotment owners are challenging Disley Parish Council after they gave approval for houses to be built on land used by allotment holders.  Greystones allotment in Newtown,...


12th December 2019 | By Sophie Cook

Five-year-old girl wins trophy for helping her canine friends to stay hydrated on their walks

A five-year-old girl has been helping dogs and their owners in Romiley by leaving them goodies on the canal for the past years.  For her efforts, Megan was ...


18th November 2019 | By Sophie Cook

Lollipop lady has bike stolen while on duty at primary school

A lollipop lady in Marple had her bike stolen while on duty at a primary school. Lollipop lady Lysbeth Black  Lysbeth Black posted a picture of...


6th November 2019 | By Sophie Cook

Stockport Gin considering expansion as business couple struggle with work-life balance

Stockport Gin owners Paul and Cheryl Sharrocks have serious expansion plans in mind as they struggle to keep up with their growing business. The couple...


29th October 2019 | By Sophie Cook

Church organises ‘999 pray-in’ to calm parishioners’ anguish over Brexit

A church in Marple organised a 12-hour prayer session so that parishioners could soothe their worries over Brexit and the divided state of the nation. Ordinand...