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25th June 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Manchester’s Muslim community opens Ramadhan fast by donating food to the homeless

Every year in Ramadhan for the past 10 years the Muslim community in Manchester has come together to open their fast with the homeless. During...


27th April 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Man Met students encourage sustainable living with Pop Swap

Many people turned up at MMU today to bring in all sorts of items for the termly pop-swap, encouraging people to bring in unwanted clothing and books so as...


9th April 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Manchester allotment project helps refugees integrate into the community

An allotment in Levenshulme is bringing together refugees who have come to the UK in search of a better life. The project was founded eight years ago...


5th March 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Pupils at Manchester Muslim Prep School share a story on World Book Day

Schools around the country take part in World Book Day every year and each year there is a different theme. This year the theme is ‘share...


22nd February 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

K-Pop takes centre stage at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

The Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang in South Korea is the perfect opportunity for the country to display its popular music artists to the world. The...


2nd February 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Manchester trade unionist to cycle round Palestine to raise money for medical aid charity

A top union official from Manchester is embarking on a six-day cycle trek across palestine to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians Kevin Lucas, Unison...


16th January 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

Man jailed for six years after sexually assaulting woman in her 90s

A 24-year-old man who sexually assaulted a woman in her 90s has been jailed for six years. The elderley woman, who suffers from dementia, was left with...


12th January 2018 | By Sanaa Reddy

MMU professor speaks on Manchester’s worst female criminals

Victorian England is known for its brutal and violent history, crime was prevalent and even worse is the punishment for these crimes from hangings to...


3rd December 2017 | By Sanaa Reddy

What lies beneath: 16,000 bodies buried in All Saints Park

Anybody taking a stroll through All Saints Park would be more than a little surprised to find they were walking on a site where 16,000...


10th November 2017 | By Sanaa Reddy

Interactive app lets you explore Manchester’s Christmas markets

A new app has been launched which lets people explore Manchester’s Chrismtas markets using augmented reality. Anyone who scans the Christmas market mugs will see a santa...