Pruthvi Khilosia


29th June 2020 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Man Met journalism students invited to London to meet Bend It Like Beckham film director

Two Manchester Metropolitan University journalism students have created a short documentary featuring British film icon Gurinder Chadha, best known for her inspirational works Bend It...

Youseff Makki Vigil

4th November 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Staying safe after dark in Manchester

Today we are launching a campaign to spread awareness on staying safe after dark In manchester. Safety After Dark in Manchester is a campaign to...


23rd October 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Final year students examine how Brexit will affect the arts and culture in Manchester

Business and high-rise corporations will not be the only thing affected by Brexit – the arts are also facing a time of major uncertainty. The...


3rd October 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Extinction Rebellion activists from Manchester prepare for protests in the capital

Students in Manchester are gearing themselves up for a week of protests as part of Extinction Rebellion’s campaign on the climate emergency.  This week a...