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4th November 2020 | By Jack Dulhanty

West Texas reflects the dizzying polarisation seen across the US

Lubbock skyline. By user:Redraiderengineer – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, “I got involved in politics and campaigns two years ago when Beto  O’Rourke  ran,” said Gracie...


4th November 2020 | By Jack Dulhanty

TTU students lament US polarisation ahead of Texas ballot count

“I saw something on Twitter that said: ‘If you vote for Trump, you’re a racist and if you vote for Biden, you’re a paedophile’” Such...


3rd November 2020 | By Jack Dulhanty

How the US election result could affect the UK

From our side of the Atlantic, it’s easy to see the Presidential election as little more than a chain of Twitter trends. But behind the...


30th October 2018 | By Jack Dulhanty

Review: Psychedelic band Khruangbin play sold out gig at Manchester’s Albert Hall

Embed from Getty Images The Burton-based group, Khruangbin, layered piquant guitar-playing, slippery bass-lines and laid-back drumming to create a voraciously infectious sound that played as light as soufflé....