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20th March 2019 | By Harry Stafford

Music promoter swaps gig nights for the Sahara in ‘the toughest race on earth’

Every year in April more than1,400 hardy runners descend on the Sahara desert to run, walk or crawl the Marathon des Sables.  This year between 5th and...


13th February 2019 | By Harry Stafford

Manchester Pride react to criticism over ticket costs and hint at international renowned artist performing live

The adverse reaction and Twitter storm over the cost for Manchester Pride Weekend tickets has been misconstrued, says a Manchester Pride spokeswoman. The rowis over...


13th February 2019 | By Harry Stafford

Petition for St Peter’s Square to be renamed in memory of Peterloo massacre is a ‘terrible idea’

Local historian says idea to rename square after bloody massacre is a 'modern, knee-jerk reaction'

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23rd December 2018 | By Harry Stafford

As profits fall, Spotify’s efforts to please everyone could be its undoing

Spotify’s free service means many listeners are reluctant to upgrade to subscription. While Spotify are trying to be fair to everyone, revenue is falling and the company is losing money.


4th December 2018 | By Harry Stafford

Brexit could cause the broadcasting industry to be hit by extra licencing in the EU, forcing channels and jobs to leave the UK

Up to now communications regulator Ofcom issues broadcasters with licenses that are valid throughout the EU. In the case of a no-deal Brexit, U.K. based broadcasters...


30th November 2018 | By Harry Stafford

Legendary Manchester Record Shop Vinyl Exchange celebrates 30th birthday

Vinyl Exchange record shop on Oldham Street opened for trade in 1988 and soon became the place to go for record collectors and music specialists alike...


27th November 2018 | By Harry Stafford

Important scientific research at the University of Manchester could lose its funding thanks to Brexit

With the deal for Brexit still not agreed in Parliament, British Science is no closer to knowing if it could face further short falls in...


26th November 2018 | By Harry Stafford

Is the guitar going out of fashion? And what does it mean for the guitar shops of Manchester?

Manchester has always championed guitar music in all its forms, from pop to punk, baggy rave to dance to Brit pop and beyond.  In the...


26th November 2018 | By Harry Stafford

In an Industry that has a drug problem; building contractors fear further relaxing of Cannabis laws will endanger workers on UK sites.

Potential relaxation of cannabis laws have caused concern in the building industry in Manchester. Sean Walsh, a building contractor with 20 years’ experience in construction,...