Hanya Hassan


6th May 2019 | By Hanya Hassan

Places to visit during Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar were Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, not only abstaining from food but from other discouraged...


13th March 2019 | By Hanya Hassan

Middle eastern and North African society hosts cultural festival at Manchester Student Union this Friday

Arab societies across universities in Manchester are hosting a night of culture to help international students embrace their identities. Although the cultural festival event take place...


23rd January 2019 | By Hanya Hassan

Senior ambulance staff to get new epaulettes following Manchester Arena attack

Senior ambulance staff are being given a new uniform to help them be more easily identified after a terror attack such as the one at...


11th November 2018 | By Hanya Hassan

Campaign launched to raise awareness about rent inequality against Tier 1 visa entrepreneurs

“Being able to rent a place to live in is a basic human right anyone could ask for” There are approximately 5,127 Tier 1 and 97,147 Tier 2 visa...