Freddie Bruhin-Price


21st January 2021 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

A short history of the blues which won’t make you feel blue

We are surrounded by blue. Blue is the colour of our seas and skies. When we fly in planes, when we go swimming in the...


7th January 2021 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

Ancient Egyptians associated it with the sun and Klimt gave it a Kiss: a short history of gold

Gold is as alluring today as it was thousands of years ago. Nothing shines quite like it. But how has its role and appeal changed...


6th February 2018 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

Ancoats, Northern Quarter and Chorlton among hippest places to live in England

The Manchester districts of Ancoats, the Northern Quarter and Chorlton have all been included in a list of the top 20 most hipster places in...


16th October 2017 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

Manchester gets its first taste of waste food

A restaurant called Real Junk Food Manchester has opened on Oxford Road which only sells dishes made using waste food products. The restaurant also has a “pay-what-you-feel” policy...