Elizabeth Harrison


18th January 2019 | By Elizabeth Harrison

EU complete me: The top reasons why Remainers don’t want to leave the European Union

It’s been a tense week following the rejection from Parliament of Theresa May’s plan to leave the EU after two years of negotiations. The BBC...


14th January 2019 | By Elizabeth Harrison

Opinion: Should 16-17 year olds have a say on Brexit?

As the due date for the UK to leave the EU draws close this year and a pressure for a second referendum is mounting, Manchester...


27th November 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

More young people need better financial education according to study from credit checking site

The credit checking site ClearScore has been calling for better financial education for young people before they live away during university. After analysing data from 1,002...


12th November 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

Lord Adonis rails against Brexit ‘promises and lies’ at Manchester for Europe meeting

Former transport minister Lord Adonis was the key speaker at a Manchester for Europe debate hosted by anti-Brexiteers. Billed as a ‘Brexit fireworks debate’, the event also...

31st October 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

Don’t be spooked – ghost tourism talk to shine light on Victorian obsession with the macabre

‘GHOST tourism’ may sound like a grisly subject but it’s perfect for Halloween. Our fascination with ghosts and spectres dates back to the Victorian era when society...


22nd October 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

Call for fireworks ban after police come under ‘unprecedented pressure’

Calls have been made to ban the use of fireworks from residents whose homes and neighbourhoods are coming under increasing attack. Ashton-under-Lyne is reported to have been turned...


17th October 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

LGBT+ community reacts angrily to the transphobic posters across gay village on twitter

The LGBT+ community has turned to Twitter to express its anger at posters in the gay village targeting the transgender community. The posters, which have been...


8th October 2018 | By Elizabeth Harrison

Manchester Museum shows it has girl power with Women in Nature event

The Manchester Museum is inviting visitors to walk around the building in the evening as part of an ‘After Hours’ series of events. The first...