Chloe Graber

16th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Religious protesters urge government to pay poorer countries for pollution damage

Religious volunteers staged a protest in Manchester to urge the government to pay damages caused to “poor countries” for pollution caused by climate change. Quakers,...

15th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

A green future for road sweepings being recycled as soil for plants

A team of scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University is examining whether road sweepings could be used as soil to plant trees. Each year thousands tones...

Producers Adeola and Ronke Adelakun and Monique Kufuor during the Black Creative soirée

9th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Black creatives soirée at central library part of Black History Month is huge success

A new organisation aiming to change the way black people are perceived is celebrating after its first event promoting black creativity was a sell-out. More...

27th October 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Black history month celebrated through creativity at central library event

Black creativity celebratory evening in Manchester Central Library Fashion show, art exhibition, word performance Brought by Bob Expo, Cultureville and Business IP Greater Manchester Carole...

26th October 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Ambitious plan revealed by Selfridges to go carbon neutral by 2040

Selfridges shares its first results on Project Earth Store moves its carbon-free objectives forward by 10 years Aims to reach ‘reuse and resale’ goals by...

26th October 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Salford University’s fashion designer invites us to tell the truth about infidelity

Beth Moorman wants to open discussion about adultery and demands cheaters to tell the truth Womenswear collection includes fabrics produced from textile scraps Suit from...