Alexander Candlin


26th November 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

MMU Taekwondo sell out tickets for fourth year running of Fight Night sparring exhibition

MMU Fight Night once again sold out as students flocked to see an adrenaline pumped night of Taekwondo matches by the MMU team. The fourth...


16th November 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Islamic charity arrives in Manchester to help in battle against Islamophobia

A series of workshops aimed at combating hate crime is being held at the University of Manchester during Islamophobia awareness month. Members of the university...


9th November 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Legacy of wounded war heroes stand outside Piccadilly Station

The statue depicting seven blind soldiers from the Great War was unveiled outside of Manchester Piccadilly station in support of Blind Veteran’s UK charity. The...


4th November 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Manchester Christmas lights switch on 2018 brings out the stars

Christmas 2018 was triggered with the push of a button at Manchester’s Albert Square as music filled the streets and fireworks lit up the sky....


29th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Prominent professor Jordan Peterson visits Manchester to teach his ’12 rules for life’

Canadian academic Jordan Peterson brought some of the lessons from his ’12 rules for life’ to thousands of Mancunians during a sell-out show at the O2. Professor...


29th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Demonstration calls on government to ‘stop selling arms’ to Israel

Pro-Palestine campaigners stage a protest in Piccadilly Gardens against the deaths of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces.  Members from Fight Racism Fight Imperialism collaborated with...


29th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Protestors march in city centre after four homeless people die in two weeks

Activists marched through Manchester city centre calling on the council to do more to combat the crisis of homelessness. The 50-strong march was made up of...


24th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Rusholme’s curry mile and its colourful characters brought to life in series of sketches

An award-wining photographer has turned his talents to sketching to document Rusholme’s vibrant community. Len Grant has spent the last year sat on a sketching stool...

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24th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Manchester Army reservists commemorate Victoria Cross holder

On 9 April 1918 Private Richard George Masters made repeated journeys under heavy fire across no man’s land to save the lives of 200 men.       Masters...


17th October 2018 | By Alexander Candlin

Youth Quake sends tremors across the political landscape

More people aged 18-24 voted in 2016’s Brexit referendum and 2017’s general-election than have done in the last 25 years following an unexpected turnout by millennials.  85%...