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asylum seekers

A still taken from the crowdfunder Youtube video
14th Oct
Manchester charity The Big Breakfast café is publishing a new cookbook to raise money to provide food and shelter for refugees. Funds for the...
Immigrants, refugees, covid-19, vaccine
23rd Feb
Manchester Refugee Network has called on the Department of Health to ensure the coronavirus vaccine is safely accessible to everyone regardless of...
Toys and furniture left outside bins.
29th Oct
Female asylum seekers with children and long-term illnesses are being relocated with short notice as far away as Liverpool and placed in ‘...
9th Apr
An allotment in Levenshulme is bringing together refugees who have come to the UK in search of a better life. The project was founded...
somali, mariam yusuf, woman of year
19th Apr
A Somali woman who works with women refugees in Manchester has been named Woman of the Year in a prestigious awards ceremony. Mariam Yusuf, who...
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