10 out of 10 is announced as the theme for this year’s Manchester Day

  • Annual celebration of Manchester returns for its tenth year on 23 June
  • Parade takes place around the city centre with many communities celebrating what Manchester means to them
  • The theme this year is '10 out of 10'

Manchester Day is set to return for its tenth year on June 23rd as the parade will take over the city centre’s streets.

Manchester Day is an annual event intended to celebrate everything great about the city and is largely planned by its residents and communities.

Over 1,500 performers and artists take part in the parade which is viewed by more than 60,000 people.

Opening six weeks before the Parade, the Manchester Day Workshop is run to help people and communities create the costumes, props and designs to be seen around the city on June 23rd.

The theme of this year’s parade is ’10 out of 10′, as it is the tenth Manchester Day and the city wants to celebrate its successes.

Their brief to participants is asking them to find people in Manchester, or works of Mancunian origin they would give 10 out of 10 to. This could range from a selfless individual living on your street, to a jaw-dropping piece of art; a good samaritan you may not even know by name to an iconic band.

As well as the parade through the heart of the city, Manchester’s city centre squares feature a dazzling array of performances, decorations and food and drink throughout the day.

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