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VIDEO: New exercise workout helping to tackle obesity in children

  • HIIT Step, a new workout based around an exercise step, is hitting gyms in Manchester
  • Manchester has one of the highest levels of childhood obesity in the country
  • Diet-related diseases are costing the country around £4.2bn a year
  • Full video below:

Manchester is in the middle of an obesity epidemic, especially amongst young children. 

According to a new study, nearly a quarter of 11 year-olds, or one in four Year 6 children, are obese, among the highest rates in England.

Dave Readle, a former Team GB shotputter, Commonwealth cyclist and fitness enthusiast, is trying to tackle this problem head-on, by making exercise fun. Specifically, by making HIIT fun.

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, involves a series of exercises performed at high intensity followed by short rest periods, which can burn a massive 13 calories per minute, which is 3 calories more than running would burn in the same period.

Dave's motivation for bringing his unique brand of exercise to the classroom is to help make exercise more inclusive, and try to help children continue to exercise, even outside of the classroom.

The former shot putter and cyclist has taken HIIT Step to Bolton School, in Greater Manchester, to inspire a desire in children to buck the trend and fight obesity head-on. 

HIIT Step at Bolton School
Dave Readle giving a lecture on fitness and success in Bolton School Boy Division's Great Hall

Dave told The NQ: "The current PE curriculum doesn't cater for long-term health and fitness.

"Unless a kid is good at sport, they tend to shy away from PE and show avoidance behaviours such as notes from parents or forget to bring kit."

For more information on HIIT Step, get in touch with their official FaceBook page

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