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Crimson Pioneers
7th Dec
Manchester Indie Filmmakers are gearing up for the premier of their new, independent sci-fi film. Crimson Pioneers tells the story of a...
My Favorite Murder - Photo by Mandee Johnson
1st Dec
In less than two years, My Favorite Murder has moved from first episode to worldwide cult following. Each week, LA-based hosts Karen Kilgariff and...
Ruqia Osman
28th Nov
After more than 20 years of internal conflict and no central government, extreme poverty is a reality in Somalia. Figures show the infant...
Manchester Japanese Festival, doki doki, japan,
22nd Nov
  More than 400 people attended Doki Doki, the Manchester Japanese Festival held at Sudgen Sports Centre. Professional chefs and artists...
nuclear, contact theatre, black gold arts festival
21st Nov
Nuclear, presented by Black Gold Arts Festival at the Contact Theatre on Saturday, attracted a diverse and young audience. The performance...
Rona the Guide Dog
17th Nov
Stressed-out students were given a pet project to help relieve the pressure of exams - and help raise money for charity at the same time. For a...
Seven Bro7hers, Seven Brothers, Brothers
3rd Nov
"Well, we're constantly fighting," jokes Keith McAvoy about what it's like be part of a business with seven brothers. "There's plenty of that, I...
News impact summit, journalists, manchester
2nd Nov
Live Blog News Impact Summit Manchester 2017   window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {if (window.cilVwRand ===...
Gothic Manchester Festival
30th Oct
Halloween is a time many young people like to dress up like a Goth and try to be as scary as they can. But for Sylvia Lancaster, OBE, whose...
29th Oct
Is there life beyond death? Do ghosts really exist? Are aliens real? These are the continuing mysteries of the universe. Every person has their own...


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