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plastic pollution, refills not landfills, campaign
23rd Oct
Refills not Landfills is a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the damage that plastic is doing to our planet and encouraging everyone to use a...
23rd Oct
Melissa Svensen, a student at MMU, has today launched the Don’t Touch campaign, calling for musicians to call out the sexual harassment that seems to...
23rd Oct
According to the National Health Service, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. From...
21st Oct
"Football cannot survive as the world's most popular sport if it fails to address the dangers of catastrophic brain injury among its players" -...
Brexit flag
24th Jul
International relationships between universities here in Britain and in mainland Europe could be set to face a challenging few years with Brexit...
Palestine flag at protest
10th Jul
Protesting is an integral part of any society, modern day, or old. Protests have been documented, written about, videoed, quashed and proven...
MMU 'I love MCR' logo
5th Jun
Alicia Hattersley, who witnessed the Manchester Arena terror attacks, is working alongside Manchester Metropolitan University’s Make a Difference...
manchester terrorist incident
23rd May
Live Blog Manchester terror incident
Forced Marriage in the UK
15th Feb
Forced marriage is a crime that happens regularly in the UK but is highly underreported and has had just one successful prosecution in...
cumbrian flooding
16th Dec
12 months ago, Storm Desmond devastated a large area of Cumbria and many of the local businesses and communities affected still have not yet fully...


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